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The Forum Studi dan Diskusi Ekonomi (FSDE) is a series of events presented by Gadjah Mada University Economics Students to the community to increase awareness of issues in this country, especially from an economic perspective. Shortly, FSDE is divided into three main events, namely the FSDE Essay Competition (FEC), the Kompetisi Ekonomi Nasional (KEN), and the FSDE Seminar (FS). The first event of FSDE, FEC, is a competition of writing and presenting original essays which all undergraduate students from all majors in Indonesia can participate in. This competition invites undergraduates to think critically and to stimulate concern for Indonesia’s domestic issues. Second, KEN is a competition aimed at high school students throughout Indonesia to foster their knowledge of economics. Finally, FS is an event of discussion regarding current economic issues attended by national economic figures, practitioners in their fields, and public participants.