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A nationwide competition formerly known as Indonesian Challenge on Economic Ideas (ICEI) to help you to challenge your critical mind. FEC emphasizes the art of thinking outside the box and innovative solutions to the latest issues.

What’s FEC?

FSDE Essay Competition (FEC) is a prestigious national-level essay competition held for students at the undergraduate level. Broadly speaking, FEC itself is divided into three stages all conducted online. The first stage is a preliminary round, Call for Essay, which is open for all undergraduate students in Indonesia. The top 10 teams will be invited to the semifinals, that is Essay Presentation. The top 5 teams then compete in the grand finale which is a Case Study Presentation. 

FEC is held to find new and creative ideas as a form of solution to economic and development problems that occur on a national and global scale. This objective is what differentiates FEC from other competitions in Indonesia. Side events, such as company visits and workshop, are also organized to enrich experience, add valuable insights, and expand network among students. FEC is designed to provide new, different, and unforgettable competitive experiences for all participants.


Breaking down our grand theme of Advance to Ibu Kota Nusantara: Indonesia’s Initial Attempt towards Equitable Economy and Sustainable Development, this year FSDE Essay Competition will bring 3 different sub-themes that consist of:

Tackling the Financial scheme of IKN Nusantara:
Unerring Impact on Economic Transformation from Fiscal and Monetary Perspective

Political Dynamics of IKN Nusantara: Dialectics on the Reallocation of Indonesia’s Capital State

Development of the New State Capital
'IKN Nusantara' and Its Implications to Environmental Damage

Sub-themes is a guide for participants on writing their essay. Participants must include all 3 sub-themes on their preliminary stage’s essay

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WhatsApp : 081381464447