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FSDE Seminar


FSDE Seminar (FS) is an offline seminar which is held by economics students of Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM).

What’s FSDE Seminar?

FSDE Seminar (FS) is an offline seminar which is held by economics students of Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM). FS aims to deliver an in-depth discussion and hear what the experts have to say about recent economic issues. With the purpose of creating a resourceful learning environment, we provide a platform for the public to exchange perspectives in professional ethics. In the past, we’ve brought several reliable economists as our speakers, such as Boediono, Perry Warjiyo, Bambang Brodjonegoro, and many more.

The 18th FSDE Seminar will be held offline in Yogyakarta. An experienced moderator will be present to guide the speakers throughout the seminar. The seminar session will begin with presentations from each speaker, followed by a discussion session where the speakers will engage with the participants. This way, participants are expected to have the opportunity to discuss with experts in their respective fields regarding the grand theme of 18th FSDE, Advance to Ibu Kota Nusantara (IKN) : Indonesia’s Initial Attempt to An Equitable Economy and Sustainable Development

Past Notable Speakers

Perry Warjiyo

16th Governor of Bank Indonesia


11th Vice President of Indonesia

Bambang Brodjonegoro

13th Minister of Research and Technology of Indonesia

Berly Martawardaya

Researcher Director - INDEF (Institute for Development of Economics and Finance)

Emil Salim

1st State Minister of Environment of Indonesia Drive Marcomm

Ferry Irawan

Assistant Deputy of Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs of Indonesia Drive Marcomm

Wimboh Santoso

Chairman of te OJK Board of Commissioners (2017-2022) Drive Marcomm

Joko Tri Haryanto

Senior Researcher at Ministry of Finance of Indonesia Drive Marcomm

Vivi Alatas

Former World Bank Lead Economist

What They Say About FSDE Seminar?

“Last year’s FSDE Seminar was enjoyable! The seminar was filled in by credible representatives from Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK) and professional researchers that are relevant to enrich the topics.”
Azkal Azkiya
Management 2022
“I was astonished by the concept that was brought by FSDE Seminar! The first thing that stand out from this event is that it was held offline. Moreover, resourceful speakers that attended were able to held a discussion in accordance with the topics. Representatives from both government institutions and academics gave me the opportunity to learn deeper about the green economy.”
Frank Richard
Management 2022
“Attending the FSDE Seminar 2022 was an invaluable experience. The presence of esteemed speakers from the Indonesian coordinating ministry of economy, think tanks, and professionals made it an exceptional event. The exclusive content shared by these experts was truly precious, providing us with insights and knowledge that is hard to find elsewhere. The seminar's focus on green economy, carbon tax, and other relevant topics was timely and intriguing. In today's world, understanding these concepts is crucial, and this seminar helped me gain a deeper understanding. I highly recommend attending such enriching events.”
Muhammad Arlingga
Management 2022
“I had the pleasure of attending the FSDE 17th Seminar, and I am truly impressed with the valuable insights and knowledge that I gained throughout the experience. The forum provided an exceptional platform for professionals to come together and discuss about green economy. I was particularly impressed with the depth of analysis and the ability of the speakers to present the topic in a manner that was accessible to all attendees. The seminar was a resounding success! And I eagerly look forward to the FSDE 18th Seminar.”
Nirbita Olga
Management 2022

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