What is FSDE Seminar?

FSDE Seminar is designed to enlighten all elements of the society on recent economic issues being faced everyday. The talk in this seminar would bring up an eye opening topic on Indonesia’s threat and prospects on its economy in the future in a factual and actual manner. In the hope of raising awareness about factual economic issues in our society, FSDE Seminar will bring the best policy makers, business leaders, as well as reputable academicians to the panel which allows participants to be involved in a comprehensive discussion about the future of our economy.


Commemorating the 20th year after Asian Financial Crisis in 1998, FSDE 2018 presents a grand theme “Reviving Hope: Fostering Economic Resilience In the Post Crisis Era” in the aim of seeking the right path to not stumble upon another crisis. In order to do that, FSDE Seminar 2018 will focus on a comprehensive discussion on the crisis prevention and answering challenges of our economy. Therefore, we proudly present our sub-themes:

  1. Enlarging the Menu of Stabilization Policy to Prevent Another Crisis
  2. Moving Forward: Challenges and Opportunities

This Year’s Speakers

Place & Time

Saturday, 17 November 2018

07.45 – 15.30 WIB

Royal Ambarukmo Hotel, Karaton Ballroom


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