Indonesian Challenge on Economic Ideas

What is ICEI?

ICEI (Indonesian Challenge on Economic Ideas) is a competition that assesses ideas regarding highlighted economic matters from university students all over Indonesia. ICEI itself is one of the series of events from FSDE (Forum Studi dan Diskusi Ekonomi). Different than any other competitions, this year ICEI will introduce ICEI Speaks Up, which will be wrapped in the concept of Focus Group Discussion, so that the participants can widen their knowledge regarding the sub-themes. The participants of ICEI are required to build a team consisting of two students from the same university.


This year, FSDE 2018 introduced “Reviving Hope: Fostering Economic Resilience in the Post Crisis Era” as its grand theme. Also, the committee has revealed three sub-themes that will be used for the essay writing for ICEI. The following sub-themes are:

  1. Macro and Microprudential Policy to Strengthen Financial Stability
  2. Countercyclical Fiscal Policy to Respond Economic Fluctuations
  3. Developing Economic Resilience Through SME


Registration Flow

  1. Fill in personal data on the following form: CLICK HERE.
  2. Scan student ID cards of each team member.
  3. Scan formal photos of each team member, minimum of 500 pixels in JPG format.
  4. Scan registration form and ownership statement signed by both team members, in PDF format.
  5. Save essay in doc and PDF format.
  6. Collect all documents and essay in one folder, in rar format.
  7. Name the folder with the team’s name.
  8. Send the folder via e-mail to with the subject: ICEI2018_NAME OF TEAM_UNIVERSITY
  9. Send a confirmation message to Putri (08994632342) with the format of ICEI2018_NAME OF TEAM_UNIVERSITY
  10. Registration closes on the 12 th of September 2018 at 23:59 pm.


To the 10 Finalists of ICEI 2018


Gabriel Pierre & Jesita Wida Ajani
(Universitas Gadjah Mada)


Fajar Hidayah & Reza Nurjaman Suherlan
(Universitas Siliwangi)


Hasbi Ashshiddiqi & Yuliandi Fikri
(Universitas Airlangga)


Ibnu Dwi Prasetya & Rizka Firstiani
(Universitas Trunojoyo Madura)


Relindya Yuriswari S. & Wildan Al Kautsar Anky
(Universitas Indonesia)


Restu Fitri Ariani & Wildan Aliefaldi Ghozali
(Universitas Indonesia)


Eka Satya Puji Lestari & Muhammad Khoiruddin Alwy
(Universitas Sebelas Maret)


Lucky Chirst Nugroho & Romadhon Falaqh
(Universitas Gadjah Mada)


Harnum Yulia Sari & Ramadani Partama
(Universitas Indonesia)


Sari Lestari & Suci Sularsih
(Universitas Negeri Semarang)

Cindy Chyntia Cendani

Best Speaker of ICEI 2017, VUCA Team (Universitas Gadjah Mada)

ICEI is a challenging and prestigious competition that offers an incredible experience. Not only that i have the chance to convey ideas in front of reputable panels, but also exchange knowledge with other university students all over Indonesia.

Lestary J. Barany

First Winner of ICEI 2017 and Best Essay of ICEI 2017, Mexpert Team (Universitas Indonesia)

ICEI is a series of interesting events as it is more than just a competition. This forum gives space to collaborate with other university students and even facilitate the participants to obtain knowledge from various experts through Mini Seminar and Workshop. Despite being known as Forum Studi dan Diskusi Ekonomi, insights and additional values are not limited only in the field of economics. Before the event ended, the participants were given the chance to enjoy Yogyakarta’s beautiful culture. I am beyond happy and grateful to be involved in this fun and insightful forum. Thank you for the precious experience!


Grand Prize: Asses based on Preliminary Round: Call for Essay, Semifinal: Essay Presentation and Grand Final: Economic Case Study.

1st Winner : Rp. 8.000.000

2nd Winner : Rp. 6.000.000

3rd Winner : Rp. 4.000.000


Additional Awards

Outstanding Essay : Rp. 1.500.000

Outstanding Speaker : Rp. 1.000.000

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